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Most of our clients throw away their locks once they find that they are impaired. We, at Belmont NC Locksmith Store, in Belmont, NC always tell our clients that they should not discard their locks if they find them broken. After you finish reading this bit, check the locks on your property and see if you find any of them rusted, broken, brittle, rattling or just giving way. If you see any of these signs, do not react and throw them as dead property. Call Belmont NC Locksmith Store and we will be there to let you know if you need a new lock or a lock repair will do. The tussle between whether you should go through a lock repair or a lock replacement is something that’s best left to a professional locksmith to conclude.

Should You Opt for Lock repair or replacement?

We recommend our clients that a lock replacement is required only when you feel the threat of an intrusion or if the lock is beyond repair. A repair is recommended at other times. A lock replacement may cost slightly more when compared to a repair. Our locksmiths can perform both lock repair and replacement, depending upon the need. They are skilled to make the best judgment and offer all kinds of resolutions.

Lock Repair Services

Lock repairs are commonly demanded on a daily basis. We, at Belmont NC Locksmith Store, offer a wide range of lock services and cater to all types of lock issues. Our core services include:

  • Belmont NC Locksmith Store Belmont, NC 704-800-5778Window locks
  • Garage Door Locks
  • File Cabinet Locks
  • Emergency Exit Locks
  • Digital Door Locks
  • Night Locks and Night Latches

24/7 Services

Belmont NC Locksmith Store offers 24/7 locksmith services! We are the leading providers of professional services on a daily basis. Our team of locksmiths and engineers reach every nook and corner and at anytime. We work all through the year, 24/7. We do not take holidays, even on Christmas.  You cannot find an instance when Belmont NC Locksmith Store has not taken out the time for you! Our team can make it to the most remote location, say for instance, when a vehicle stuck in a forest needs a lock repairand the client wants to gain access to his car. This is possible due to our emergency mobile vans. These mobile vans are equipped with the best technology and tools and are operated by the best men.

Call us now on 704-800-5778 and our team will let you know more about our services.